Anne Raver…..again

One of my favorite things to do on Sunday, or late any night, is to cruise the gardening columns from newspapers around the country. Some of you know that one on my favorite columnists is Anne Raver of the New York Times. (I am having difficulty adding a link here, so take a minute and Google: Anne Raver New York Times and read her latest columns.)

She is singing the praises of her accidental/intentional wildlife habitat and the pleasures to be had leaving a little extra somethin-somethin for our feathered friends. Anyway, check it out when you can.

More tomorrow. Tonight will be spent with the new Gardens Illustrated (thank you mailman!!!), Country Gardens, Garden Ideas, the February issue of Better Homes and Gardens (because my friend Susan was promoted laterally to their garden department), and whatever else I can find to keep me awake until 10 pm. And with all the food coming down tomorrow for the SuperBowl, I think I will have a grilled cheese or Annie’s mac-n-cheese. All in all, a bang up, hot damn, Saturday night. 🙂