and this bed is juuuuuusssssst right….


Goldilocks (Margo Churchwell) sent this to me today. With this caption:

“Well I have a few minutes while I dry Rabbitbrush seed on the guest bed. I picked it earlier today and it was frosty. In order to avoid mold I’ll dry it today and then put it in the freezer for a week to kill the bugs that will eat the seed. Sorry bugs, but we need the seed you want to eat and I know I left plenty of your relatives on the shrubs to maintain a healthy balance.”

Margo (“Margo in the morning”) teamed up with Stew Churchwell and together the two of them have set out to rehabilitate and replant the state of Idaho. If you haven’t been to their site, clickety click on over to their website, NX Plants (Native and Xeric) . It’s a formidable operation they are running over in Emmett, and my hat is off to them for the incredibly hard work they have undertaken and their commitment to the land we call home.