And the gold has been awarded! and the silver and the bronze.

Idaho Gardener has had a bang up time judging the Gardening Olympics. Here’s a list of the entrants and the winners:

Gold Medalists for Excellence: Three Winners, ($25 gift certificates to the online store of your choice.)

Prairie Rose Garden for the beautiful one hundred year old shade tree. Enough said.

Carol of May Dreams Gardens for the inspirational one of a kind performance of “Hoeing,” complete with sound effects. Brilliant.

Krissi of Swimmom, because a 13 foot sunflower, well, is 13 feet. I am impressed.

The Silver Medals are awarded to:($15 gift certificates to the online store of your choice).

Red Dirt Ramblings,for her red red rose – so red I could hardly stand it. RED!

Ellis Hollow takes a Bronze for his gi-normous Inula, tall, strong and 4 foot leaves.

For the largest reported collection of colchicums, the award is given to Cold Climate Gardening

Bronze medals are cheerfully awarded to:($10 gift certificate to the online store of your choice, remember, small but thoughtful?).

Mr. McGregor’s Daughter for her boo-berries on the totally weird plant. Are you sure those aren’t blue Christmas balls?

For the flawless Brandywine tomato (and maybe the only flawless one I have seen), the award is given to My Skinny Garden.

And Life on the Balcony won the judge’s heart with her entry of Best Looking Casualties.

A special award, forevermore, and henceforth the symbol of the annual Gardening Olympics will be the Five Garden Rings, created by the hoe-p-full May Dreams Gardens. I know the athletic Olympics are but once every few years, but since I created these, I say we do it every August, because we can!!!

I will contact each of you so you can select your gift certificate.

Thank you all for participating.

Now, for 2009, on your mark, get set………..