and now for a little eye candy……..

For those of us not going to big garden shows this year, say, Chelsea, Hampton Court or Tatton Park, here is a link to get your groove on…….go to the Royal Horticulture Society website. May I suggest you do as I do: get a nice big class of ice tea over more ice, sit in an air conditioned room, click through to the RHS website and enjoy the show from the comfort of your home. Granted, you are not seeing the gardens up close and personal, but you aren’t spending a couple of grand to do so either.

The Hampton Court Palace Show was July 3-8th. Tatton Park was July 18-22. When you are looking at the sight, go to the show gardens, and when you have clicked on a show garden title, click again on the picture when it comes up. That will give you a larger photo and higher resolution.

Some of my faves this year: the color scheme in the Banrock Station “I’ll Drink to That” garden. While the garden itself didn’t set my hair on fire, the ethereal dark blues, next to hot salmon and red were wonderful. I also liked the Eden Project garden which was very avant garde. Ohhhh, and the British Coffee Association’s garden was austere but actually came off as very dynamic. Maybe the best color combo was in the Department for Children’s Garden:chunky plantings of deep yellow kniphofia set against clusters of Shasta daisies……the yellow centers of the daisies being the same yellow as the kniphofia. Since there are only about 70 different kniphofias, it will be fun trying to find one for that particular scheme.

Elizabeth Stoner’s garden design was all about whimsy. But Anthony Samuelson took the cake when he planted a Bentley and stood it on its nose as a garden sculpture. A Bentley? you say, incredulously? A Bentley.

And then again, at the Tatton Park page, I loved the limited palette of blue in the Raku Garden.

Check the gardens out for yourself.