A note from Gertrude Stein….

Remember Miz Stein’s comment, “…..is that when you get there, there isn’t any there there….”

I don’t know how much is this is about my getting older? How much is mis-placed proprietary or provincial thinking on my part (take your best shot), but I continue to find fault with some of the new subdivisions in this valley. Yup, for all sorts of reasons. Bad landscaping, bad names, bad notions. Bad planning.
To wit: Saguaro Canyon? Why Saguaro Canyon in Boise, ID?. There isn’t a saguaro anywhere. And, none have survived in this subdivision either. Wrapping them in black plastic won’t save them from the elements of a Boise winter.

Here’s another one that kind of rubs me the wrong way: the ad for Corrente Bello Estates in today’s real estate section. Touted as “ben refinito,” or to translate, “very refined,” and providing “the satisfaction and sophistication felt in this otherworld location”. Here is my two cents worth on the this idea of refinement. If you want to live in another world, please go there. Why on Earth (pun intended) do you want to bring Italy to Idaho? Isn’t Idaho ENOUGH? Puhleeeeez, take an Italian vacation, eat some pasta at home tonite, crank up Puccini on the MP3 or the CD player. Watch Big Night on the DVD.

And this one: Heceta Head? Heceta Head? Hear me shriek. Heceta Head is one of the most famous lighthouses/points on the West Coast. Please tell me why you want to call a subdivision in the Rocky Moutains/high desert/Snake River plain, Heceta Head? Complete with the notion of big piers and a sandy beach. In case anyone didn’t know this, we have some really cool beaches of our own in this state. Our drop dead gorgeous lakes have lovely beaches. No, not the reservoirs which have been renamed as lakes to make them seem more attractive, but the LAKES. How about the beach on the Salmon River at Skookumchuck above Riggins? Better yet, get in the car and go to Skookumchuck and have a picnic. Enjoy it in situ.

What about honoring genus loci? It means, honoring the spirit of the place. I am going to seek and find all the subdivisions that are named after, designed in honor of, pay homage to………Idaho.