A little somethin’ x-tra

We went up to McCall Thursday-Saturday to do some winterizing of our family house up there. It is a suweeeeet little 1959 ranch-burger stuck in a time warp. We put together a make-do kind of watering system this last summer so we had to go dis-assemble said system before the snows come. We can get 4-8 feet of snow in a winter.

We had a totally good time, taking a long way to McCall via Weiser, Tamarack, New Meadows, etc. Stopped by Mr. Them’s place in Weiser by the Mann Creek store and Delos took a stroll through the orchard hoping to scare up a pheasant or two. Nada. He did bag a nice selection of 6 different kinds of apples. Wow, are they all entirely different and tasty! Mr. Them taught science (botany?) classes when Delos and his pals were in high school.

Did our little project with the sprinkler system. Took most of the day. Got a very very late start for an afternoon adventure so we were just able to go up to Upper Payette Lake, drive through the slush, rain and snow, and skedaddle back to town. Grabbed some awesome beer cheese soup from McCall Brewing Company, and got home at dark.

On Saturday, we took a different way home – went the “back way” to Donnelley and the new Tamarack Resort. Boy howdy, that is one snazzy development. I snapped a couple of really cool photos to share, the first one of the so- called Cascade Lake which by any other name is Cascade Reservoir.IMG_6129.jpg

Notice the mud flats and the stumps. Hey, that’s what they bill as “waterfront” at the resort. My guess is, they fancy themselves a new Lake Tahoe or something. Aside from my snarky take on Tamarack Resort, the vista was dark and murky and totally beautiful and the long view up the valley was a sight to behold. A bit farther down the road, the road shoulders were all covered in golden tamarack, aka Western Larch, needles. Like the Dawn redwood, the tamarack is a deciduous conifer. The coolest of the cool. When they turn gold in the autumn they look like giant candles sticking up throughout an otherwise green evergreen forest.I jumped out of the car here and gathered up a big handful of the yellow needles. Why? Because I could. Love those tamaracks!IMG_6135.jpg

And now, once again, my special thanks to KP of Cold Climate Gardening for all her help with this little photo op.

It’s chilly and cold here today, has rained all day  -EUREKA!- so time for a big pot of some kind of soup.