A garden of Earthly Delights

Hugs and major kudos to the slam poetess Casey O’Leary, garden girl extraordinaire, keeper of bees, chicken tender, earth mama, dirt worshippin’ fool and all ’round hip WOMAN.

I am tickled pink to tell you all that I have just signed up for a share in Earthly Delights farm for the 2007 growing season. Casey is part of a growing (pun intentional) number of COMMUNITY SUPPORTED AGRICULTURE endeavors around the nation. There are four or five in the Boise area. CSAs are small sustainable farms in your area, growing totally pesticide free, lovingly tended crops for your dining pleasure.In years past, I had a subscription to Peacefull Belly CSA -and I highly recommend them to anyone interested in eating great home grown organic food. I chose to subscribe to Casey’s garden because I want to support the new kid on the block.

Get this: $435 for 18 weeks of 10-18 different foods from the garden. Starts in May and goes until October. That’s just $24 a week for a family of four, for totally organic and delish veggies and fruits. We are but a family of two, but we eat so many fresh veggies I can easily keep up. And, if I am out of town, I have someone else pick up my week’s ration so they can share the abundance with me!

Call me a scaredy cat, but this week the food industry recalled chicken strips, mushrooms and something else, I can’t even remember. The week before it was peanut butter. Before that….. salad and spinach. Egad. It’s becoming more and more important to supervise your food supply. Pay attention dammit!

On the other hand, I believe in offering a prayer of gratitude to the hundreds of people who get the food to my table every single day. It will feel especially good to know that I am able to support Casey, and to partake of the bounty of her garden.

Call her at 208-284-3712.