A few days left until Christmas

It is time to plug for the Idaho Botanical Garden and their 250,000 lights at Winter Garden Aglow. If you haven’t been, you must go. They are open from 6-9pm through January 1st. Hot cocoa and cider and cookies are available. Admission is $5 for adults and $3 for kids.. I heard there might be reindeer! (OK, probably domestic caribou, because, aren’t reindeer from Lapland?) Live music most nights as well. Not by the reindeer.

For the shoppers, don’t miss the gift shop. Diana puts it together and it is awesome.

Make this your new holiday tradition. For more info, call them at 208-343-8649.

It is 4:25 pm and snowing with an advisory in effect until 11:15 tonight. Humbug. I still have to get the ornaments on the tree. D got the lights on last night – and they look mighty fine. Almost fine enough to go it alone. Without ornaments. Uh-oh, there’s the humbug sneakin back in. Onward!