A-Fair to remember

Well, that was a ghastly play on words but it is late, still 94 degrees, smoky and I am pooped. Southern Idaho is besieged by range fires and the ones in Utah are blowing this way as well. So onto more pleasant topics…….

Anyone up for a little friendly competition? I would love to bring back the the great displays at the county fair. The ones where everyone got into the action for bragging rights to the biggest tomato, the biggest punkin, the most glorious dahlias. Let’s get with it shall we? The entries are down to a paltry few. Any one who enters is pretty much gare-un-teed a prize/ribbon unless the dahlia blossom was nibbled by earwigs. Even if you entered a single perfect petunia blossom (or three as the rules require), you have a very good chance of taking home a big fancy ribbon for first, second or third place. Come ON!!!!

My friend and garden girl Jan Haneke has been taking home an armful of ribbons the last few years. Why? Because she is a good gardener but also because she takes the time to enter. It’s kinda like the lottery quip: Ya gotta play to WIN!

You can even download your entry forms right here at the Western Idaho Fair website. You will need a form for agriculture and one for flowers. The fair runs August 17th through the 26th. Entries for the agriculture contests are due in Wednesday the 15th (read the premium book for exact times or call the fair office), and entries for the flower divisions are due on Thursday the 16th from 7 am to 11 am. Don’t forget, herbs are a subdivision of agriculture so you could enter some snippets of your prized rosemary. CAVEAT: READ AND FOLLOW THE ENTRY RULES VERY CAREFULLY.

And don’t bother entering in the bread and butter pickle category cuz I am taking home the big blue ribbon. Oh yeah, renaissance woman here, happy home-maker, puts up one mean batch of pickles every year. We ate every last jar of the dills. I had to hide a couple to have something left to enter.

Look for me at the Pronto pup stand.