A Day in the Life of the Idaho Gardener

OK, this was a big day and it ain’t over yet. Hustle and bustle was the name of the game around Ranch du Bois today. Clean up, dress up, pot up, keep up. Damn skippy as some of us say.

First, to the punkin’ patch (alright, produce stand on State Street) for some props. Take a look:

Then, home again home again to put this little sumpin’ sumpin together:

I just LOVE it when a plan comes together!

And now, for the rest of the story:

1. Sprinklers have been blown out for winter. Thank you Blackburn Sprinklers (Fred!)
2. Planted two carex Evergold
3. Planted a big pot of mixed Impressionist Tulips for next spring for the front porch. Thanks for the encouragement EAL of Gardening While Intoxicated in Buff.
4. Ripped out the nasty old annual junk plants in the jumbo driveway pots and planted a Moonglow Juniper, some Black Jack sedum, left in the iron vine, and added some specialty blue muscari.
5. Planted a killer gorgeous salvia Purple Majesty (yes, one of those dirty little secret plants that has been languishing at the side of the house, it arrived in April from High Country Gardens and had already been upsized in pots twice).
6. Small but important: cleaned up after myself.

I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted. And there’s soooooo much more to do. No rest for the wicked. Wicked happy gardener.