2008 Trends

You know you are welcome to take it or leave it when it comes to trends. Your garden should be your garden. Make it a place YOU LOVE TO BE! If you are gardening to impress, you are wasting your time. That said, let me rattle off the Garden Media Group’s 2008 Trends Report or ……….drumroll, please……………


Gardening for the greater good vs. Gardening for self gratification (already I have issues with this)
Eco-chic gardening vs. chemically needy gardens
Buying local vs. big eco (carbon) footprint
Water in the garden vs wasting water
Smart n’ Easy gardens vs high maintenance gardens
Corresponding color combos vs. complementary color combos
(think monochromatic schemes vs hurdy gurdy, i.e., red-orange-pink instead of red and yellow (screaming)
Curvatious gardens vs. square gardens (hmmmmm, more on this later, again, you know me, I have issues)
Well-lit gardens vs. in-the-dark gardens (‘cept for Timm who likes to roam around in his garden in the dark in the summer so rock on)
Gardening for the birds and bees vs reckless gardening

I am going to go ruminate on this a while. While I am adding to my homework/to do list for 2008. Let me know what you think about these trends.