Why I live at the PO.

Just kidding.

“Why I live at the PO,” is a glorious story written by one incredibly gifted writer, Miz Eudora Welty. It is especially good to hear it read aloud by Miz Welty herself.

This is a short attempt to explain why I live where I do.

Not too long ago, I was telling someone of the trials and tribulations of gardening in the Rocky Mountains and the Intermountain West. They said, “Tell me, why would anyone want to live there?”

SNICKER. That is me snickering. Cuz you know full well and good they would give about anything to live here.

Here? What’s here? Why live here? For starters, almost every single day you can take a look around you for a jaw dropping landscape. Here? You know: the area that consists of 80+ mountain ranges, sagebrush steppes, crystal clear mountain lakes, rip snortin’ roaring rivers, glorious sunrises and sunsets?

One of the American artists who best captures the glory of our landscape in her inimitable technicolor style is Louisa McElwain. Check this out.

I’ll just stay here and let the Wild West continue to take my breath away.