P Allen Smith fans and friends and the G2B13 Challenge

Friends, Romans, Countrymen/women, get your clickers ready: yours truly is going to visit P Allen Smith and friends at Moss Mountain Farm  in Arkansas. The fabulous cookware maker, Le Creuset is a sponsor. They gave each of us our choice of color for the small French Oven. We are to create/make/photograph a kick butt recipe, and send the beauty shots to Allen and staff. When it’s my turn to be featured on the web, they will keep track of the likes, comments, and atta girls and hopefully there will be too many to count! Oh yeah, and if that’s the case? I get a 3 piece set of the new Soleil cookware line. At which point I will be forever grateful and will pony up my first born male. You in? Thanks.


ps, I chose the color “Fennel.”LS2501-1869_full

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Where to find me

I am often asked about Pinterest, my radio talks, etc. Here’s the latest contact info:

My email is maryann@idahogardener.com. Feel free to write to me.

I can be tracked down on my blog: www.gardensofthewildwildwest.com.

You can hear me on the River Radio, 94.9 Boise ID. Podcasts are at www.riverinteractive.com, look at the Morning Show.

I am on FB: https://www.facebook.com/manewcomer, and Twitter as @wildwestgardens.

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/wildwestgardens/plant-palettes1/



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The Red Wheelbarrow

So much depends

So much depends by William Carlos Williams

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Now it’s a dahlia obsession

To go with those luscious lilies, I have a passel of dahlias to “pre-start,” today. Several years ago, my great horticulture coach, John Dodson, taught me how to jump start my dahlias. They are all about warm weather, so you need to give them a start in black plastic pots. Using 1 gal. pots (recycled is awesome), fill the pot w/planting mix about 2/3 full. Place the dahlia tuber on top, with the eye bud facing up. Top off with potting mix. Gently tamp down. Water thoroughly, only once. Make sure you’ve labeled the pots accordingly (if you care). I put mine in a line up against my southwest facing house foundation. You probably don’t need to water them again until you see the first set of leaves,up about an inch or two. Water thoroughly, but only once a week. Too much water will rot the tubers.

Here’s the 2013 lineup for Ranch du Bois: (click on the photo to enlarge it)

dahlias from tall grass farms

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Red Hot Mama (Lilies for Rockin’ the Rocky Mountain Garden)

A few years back, during a Garden Bloggers’ Fling adventure in Buffalo (Garden City USA by anyone’s count), I fell head over heels for the gorgeous lily, Scheherezade. An “Orientpet,” its the best of two different types of lilies, the lovely Asiatics and the beloved Trumpets (think Easter). Seemed like every other garden in Buff was sporting a huge planting of these. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Scheherazade lily and fallopia

You know where this is going:  I ordered up several of these, and a few more. Just to set the pace. From the sublime Scherezade, I somehow drifted right over into the hot red category. We’ll see how it grows.


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Raw Materials: Roots in Idaho

Raw Materials ApronWith the best characteristics of Idahoans and folks from the Intermountain West, Raw Materials placemats, napkins, aprons and giftbags are straightforward, hardworking, and no nonsense. Check them out here: http://www.rawmaterialsdesign.com/our-roots.html.

They’ll have a booth at Farm Chicks, in Spokane, June 1 and 2.

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Cougar Annie

Here’s a piece I wrote on Cougar Annie. Check it out. http://issuu.com/leafmag/docs/leaf_magazine_spring_2013/49


Aerial view of Annie's Garden

Aerial view of Annie’s Garden


What’s left standing.

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Teeny tiny garden. So tiny.



The work of an 11 year old girl. This is but one vignette from her amazing fairy garden entry at last year’s Boise Flower and Garden Show. We were so dazzled by it, the 2013 show will feature a miniature garden contest. Welcome one and all: instructions for entering are here: http://www.gardenshowboise.com/features/miniature_garden_contest

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Our seedy ways: Great seed starting chart

While doing research and making spreadsheets for veg gardening in the Rocky Mountains/Intermountain West, I came across this excellent seed starting chart. It is from the Montana State University and you fill out yourself, based on your hardiness zone. I’ll spend this evening with a calendar, counting backward and forward and filling out the dates. On both the form and the calendar. Seed orders are arriving every day. Oh! So much fun!

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Rocky Mountain Gardeners Handbook

For a video preview of the book, please click right here >>>>Rocky Mountain Gardeners Handbook.

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