Bulbs for the Garden

I did it again. Bought more spring flowering bulbs. Lots more. This order: tulips and narcissus. But not just any tulips and narcissus. No, after a while you become a connoisseur. Right. I like to tell myself that. What really happens? I have lots of gardening friends (duh) and several of them are either a/addicted to bulbs (that would be you Elizabeth Licata or Fairegarden), or b/in the bulb business (Scott of Old House Gardens) or c/you decide to ask around (Carol of May Dreams helped me out here): “What you might be able sneak in and plant on your mother’s and grandmother’s graves?

Daffodils and narcissus are not tasty to deer, and they tend to come back, in a reliable manner. I picked three different ones, just to mix it up a bit. They are smallish, not gaudy, and one is even called “Cemetery Ladies.”

Clockwise: Lucifer, Queen of the North, and Twin Sisters (or Cemetery Daffodil).
Clockwise: Lucifer, Queen of the North, and Twin Sisters (or Cemetery Ladies).

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3 thoughts on “Bulbs for the Garden”

  1. Daffodils are the perfect plants for gravesites and those you have chosen are simply exquisite, Mary Ann. Thanks for the linkage and some of us are admittedly addicted to bulbs. And glass art, and maybe shoes.

  2. We bought 300 bulbs this fall and are planting in Boise. I didn’t realize it but the main area I intended to plant in is pretty moist. I hope the bulbs don’t rot. We just bought our house, so we’re getting used to our new garden.

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