Showy Milkweed in my garden

Showy milkweed a/k/a Asclepias speciosa
Showy milkweed a/k/a Asclepias speciosa

Does everyone but me know how great this smells?

The occasional showy milkweed plant that shows up in the garden is treated as an honored guest and is much adored. I was pruning something next to it and when I leaned over, I got a whiff of something terrific. Sniff sniff. It wasn’t the gaillardia, and nothing else nearby. MMMM good!

3 thoughts on “Showy Milkweed in my garden”

  1. Hi there! It’s a wild thing. Every year a couple seed in my garden. I protect them and then harvest some of the seeds. I’ll try to save some for you, or, you can try to gather some where you see them. If you can, grab several handfuls, as I’d like to get a LOT of it growing on my hillside. I’d be grateful!

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