Things I am diggin’ in April. Besides the garden.

I truly think the internet will end up being named/classified as the eighth wonder of the world. It has certainly expanded my horizons. Here are some of the cool things places I go w/out leaving my desk:

Bumblebees of North America: great for id’g the little bombers. I was able to identify bombus flavifrons flavifrons as the fat little guy partying around the front flower beds yesterday. He was so distinctively marked w/his double  orange stripe.

My friend Robin, a/k/a, BumbleBee, and others turned me onto this site, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and some years I do the backyard feeder  project with them.

Gardening friend Gail  of Clay and Limestone set me up with these folks last year: Pollinator Partnership. OH, the information you will find!!

That ought to keep you busy for awhile. Let me know what other cool sites YOU love.



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  1. Nice page! I’m glad to meet more people who love to garden in Idaho. I’m looking forward to reading your blog posts. I’ll have to listen to you on the radio. When and what time is your show?

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