Teaching and Preaching (to the choir)

Had a funny conversation today with a friend of mine: “Trish? Got any great wooden wine boxes I can beg, borrow or steal from you?”

Trish: “I’ve got one or two, what do you need them for?”

Me: “Making Fairy gardens tomorrow night at Far West?”

Trish: “WWWWWWWWWWWWWWHAAAAAAAAAAAAT? I did NOT see that anywhere, and I STALK you!”

So, Trish scared up three boxes and I made a spot for her in the class. Right next to me. Where I can keep an eye on this wine selling-Harley-riding-fairy-garden-terrarium- garden- making wild child. Photos to follow.

So ya know: Fairy Garden Workshop at 6 pm, at FarWest Nursery and Landscape, Boise ID. 5728 State Street. Class is free. Little pretties: lights, swing sets/bistro sets, etc available to purchase during the class. Bring what you have and we will have a great time!

1 thought on “Teaching and Preaching (to the choir)”

  1. Any article with the title, “Teaching Children With Autism”, is going to be a very, very long one! Even if I shorten the title to, “Teaching Children” you would be expecting a fairly lengthy read. The point is, with or without autism teaching a child follows the same parameters. All children learn what we teach them and this is true both in and out of the classroom. Unfortunately, many parents (and I should hasten to add) teachers do not always recognise when this learning process is happening! I pride myself on building close relationships with the parents of the children in my class but even though my door says, “Head of Autism” the look of disbelief on their faces when I try to convince them that the fact that their child will only eat chocolate biscuits is not due to autism but that they have taught him that every time he has a tantrum this is what he gets. The resulting challenging behaviour when, hopefully, the parent decides that a diet of chocolate biscuits for a 5-year-old is not healthy, is nothing compared to the challenging behaviour that will occur when he is 15 years old! Then, the realisation, that the child has complete control is heart breaking.

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