USDA releases new Plant Hardiness Zone Map

Yes, they did. And MAN OH MAN! Controversy surrounds it. It puts me, gentle reader, into Zone 7A. We will discuss this after I get up off the floor where I’ve been rolling and laughing all day.

Here’s the link: MAP. Keep drilling down on the INTERACTIVE page, too. More fun awaits!

Discuss. I’ll be back tomorrow to hoot and holler and howl with you. Zone 7A. Indeed.

4 thoughts on “USDA releases new Plant Hardiness Zone Map”

  1. Although we didn’t live in Boise very long, the year and a half we did I marveled at how much warmer it was there than where we live in Utah. 7a sounds right to me (we had vine-fresh tomatoes in November!) but maybe we were in a warm pocket.

  2. You’ll have to describe what agreement or disagreement has you laughing!

    Having lived on the wild side (Denver – high plains) and comparing what grows there to the mild side (Salt Lake, Grand Jct – intermountain), plus watching weather trends and researching long-term climate data, I am pretty much in agreement. Theirs is a 30 year period, a good minimum, but misses the extremes.

  3. Ha, ha! I tend to agree with your MA…I “dream” of living in zone 7a, then we would haven’t to pack in some of the amazing Salvia’s (like ‘Black and Blue’) and could grow the purple/blue agapanthus too, right? I’m sure there’s lots of other things but those are two I think of immediately!

  4. Desert Dweller, I know what you mean by extremes. I’m in Meridian and they have us as 7b. Record for today, 2/3 my birthday, was -15 in 1979 the year I moved away from Idaho and I remember the year I moved back, 1990, it went down to -27 and stayed in the negative double digits for a couple of weeks. Completely wiped out my mothers rose garden.

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