Red hot combo

One of my favorite things to do is to create snazzy perennial combos for the garden. This is brilliantly easy to do in Picasa on the computer. I am building a nice library of my favorite plants. When the photos are all in place, you can create a collage and see how the plants look together. Here’ s one idea:


Here’s one more. Note, I added a medium green background to see what the combo would look like in the garden (I selected a green that best represented the foliage in my garden right now).

Give it a try.

6 thoughts on “Red hot combo”

  1. Or, you can do what I do; cut pics out of catalogs and glue them together onto notebook paper. Ha ha! I like your way much better!

  2. Victoria, hi there! I used to do it that way. And if I am sitting here with a catalog, I still pull out the pages and cut them up!

  3. Niceness. I’m still doing it “Victoria’s way” too.
    I dare say you make it look so professional and beautiful!!!!!

  4. Oh, la, la! They do go together nicely. Looking forward to seeing you real soon. off to San Fran on Thursday to present on the 8th. Back in just enough time to fly back over to Seattle.

  5. I love this idea! I’ve been taking lots of pictures of my plants but I also have gathered photos from various sources to accompany my yard inventories that I’m working on:

    Front Yard:

    Back Yard:

    I have been thinking about moving some things and incorporating a few new finds. This will be a terrific way of trying out the combination before I dig.

    Thanks for the tip!

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