Paeonia brownii, or Brown’s Peony

Imagine discovering a colony of these beauties in the wilds of Idaho?

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5 Responses to Paeonia brownii, or Brown’s Peony

  1. Mark Turner says:

    Paeonia brownii is one of the coolest flowers. Looks like you caught it in bud. When it blooms the flowers hang down, facing the ground, and are a rich deep reddish-brown surrounded by all that wonderful ferny foliage. They’re uncommon, but distributed in parts of Washington, Oregon, and California as well as Idaho. See <a href="; Paeonia brownii on Pacific Northwest Wildflowers for blooming plants.

  2. It blows my mind that peonies grow wild in Idaho. I always think of them as Asian plants, or pioneer’s plants, planted by the outhouse next to the lilac. That is a beautiful species.

  3. Victoria says:

    Really? Those are gorgeous!

  4. Gail says:

    A fantastic find!

  5. Layanee says:

    Oh, yes please.

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