5 thoughts on “Paeonia brownii, or Brown’s Peony”

  1. Paeonia brownii is one of the coolest flowers. Looks like you caught it in bud. When it blooms the flowers hang down, facing the ground, and are a rich deep reddish-brown surrounded by all that wonderful ferny foliage. They’re uncommon, but distributed in parts of Washington, Oregon, and California as well as Idaho. See <a href="http://www.pnwflowers.com/search?t=paeonia&Search=Search&quot; Paeonia brownii on Pacific Northwest Wildflowers for blooming plants.

  2. It blows my mind that peonies grow wild in Idaho. I always think of them as Asian plants, or pioneer’s plants, planted by the outhouse next to the lilac. That is a beautiful species.

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