Aunt Sally the Bee-you-t-full’s Rhubarb Jelly

I vacillate between crying and grinning when I hold this recipe card in my hand. That’s my Grandmother’s PERFECT PENMANSHIP and my fabulous Aunt Sally’s (Cecilia Dwyer Schultz) recipe for rhubarb jelly. By that I mean, my Aunt Sally was fabulous and so is the jelly. The back story: Aunt Sally wore a miniskirt to a family reunion in 1963. I think she was born in 1911. She was hot. And a hell of a good cook. I had my very first taste of tabbouleh at her house. She was hip. She also poured a mean margarita in those days and I do recall Aunt-Sally-the-Bee-you-t-full and my beloved Grandmother getting a little squirrely on the patio. My Grandmother loathed drunkenness, tho she was known to have a little touch – for medicinal purposes- every evening about 5. I think it was Canadian Club and water. No ice. She kept the bottle in a hatbox in her closet.

Oh those women. Catherine. Mary Theresa Catherine Fitzgerald Dwyer Norton. Helena. Cecilia. Johanna, Veronica.

So, the first thing I plan to make this season, in small batches, is this:

I recommend you serve it with a margarita.

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  1. How delightful to have this recipe and wonderful memories of inspiring women. gail ps Her penmanship looks so much like my mom’s….

  2. Aunt Sally and your Grandmother sound fabulous! My Grandma and Great Aunt used to take a six pack, drive around to all the local nurseries and come home with pockets full of “snips” they’d taken off plants while perusing. They’d put the snips in glass of water and have starts in no time. Thieves and drunkards, the both of them. But they were a hoot and I loved them dearly.

    I’ll definitely be trying this rhubarb jelly this year. Thanks for the recipe.

  3. Thanks for the recipe. I was wondering what it says after “remove from stove and put 2 SOMETHING strawberry jello”? Just couldn’t make it out. Thanks for your time.

  4. MA, I want to send your post about the Rhubarb Jelly to Paula Panich, okay? She has started an amazing blog – something springboarded by a writing class she was teaching. It is called RECIPE MEMORIAL and people post stories just like this – memories through food. Here is the link:

  5. This has just made me smile a lot at all your memories tumbling over themselves demanding to get put on the page 🙂

    Not only that but my recipe for Rhubarb and ginger JAM is my most popular post ever. Add a couple of margharitas to the mix and I think it will be ready to take over the world 😉

    Just thought I’d come on over and say Hi (albeit vitually) after receiving your thoughtful email. And I see from your sidebar that I have the answer to the question I’ve just asked you.

    See you in July 🙂

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