End of the season

Its O-fficially unofficial: the end of garden season. Fred just blew out the sprinkler system. Anything I have left to plant (4 Ultra violet sages/1 Kintzley’s Ghost honeysuckle/500 bulbs) will have to be watered by hand. That’s ok. I ready for it to be over.

photo courtesy of Plant Select (tm)

Come to think of it. These two look pretty good together. It’s a wrap! Gardening 365, Day 297 of the year.

1 thought on “End of the season”

  1. Hi there, Thank you for the kind comments on my MaryJanesFarm blog. I’m the “Ranch Farmgirl”. I visited your blog and it is just wonderful. I took the liberty of forwarding your WONderful ‘boots photo’ to MaryJane and Carol (MJF editor) with the intent of them contacting you perhaps to publish it somewhere in the wide world of MaryJanesFarm. I hope you don’t mind. I love it!!!!!!

    I would love to find your purple Penstemon!! I bought two orangey red “Bridges Penstemon” and I think I have another variety…a ‘true red’ one…? The label reads Lipstick Sage and it does look similarish. I fell in love with it over the summer. It bloomed profusely a month after being planted and it didn’t quit until the flowers froze stiff. We live in such an ANTI-garden place…out on the windswept plains. I have a landscaping are tucked away on the south side of the house and I cherish it. Everything in it EARNS survival. ha. My garden is a motley crew of old ranch containers…sheep feeders and a stock tank. The whole works is surrounded by a stockade…old wooden fence windbreak.

    Love you blog. Peace, Shery J

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