Road trip!!! Give me land lotsa land under starry skies above…

Across the burning desert sands
traveled a lonesome caravan,
under skies of azure blue,

I won’t go into the second verse of that.

But here are my traveling companions:

My traveling companions. Big D and Cash

and check this out, a gazillion teen-ninesy buckwheats (erigonums), all over the cinder fields at Craters of the Moon. I have to get back here in June to catch this in bloom.

The road disappears (and this just happens to be a re-occuring nightmare of mine, left over from my first trip across the Floating Bridge into Seattle when I was 8).

UH, dropping off the edge???

They trained the Apollo astronauts here in 1968, Craters of the Moon National Monument

Tomorrow: your roving reporter will check in from Jellystone. Where the deer and the antelope play.

4 thoughts on “Road trip!!! Give me land lotsa land under starry skies above…”

  1. What a wonderful memory this brings back! The very first road trip Don and I took was out to Washington State to see my brother, and we came across Craters of the Moon. It was so cool-such an “eerie” landscape. Hard to imagine, isn’t it-that something can root and bloom in that?

  2. Susan, they had a very cool diagram that explained the eriogonum/buckwheat’s survival skills and why they appear to be “planted” by hand on a grid system. Each plant needs just “so” much space to thrive, to extract moisture and nutrients (there are NUTRIENTS in that cinder sand?)The next plant will set up shop as close as possible but with just the right amount of space to thrive. Brilliant.

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