Rocky Mountain High

I love taking cloud pictures from the airplane. I probably make people crazy doing the clickety click again and again from my window seat. Ain’t stoppin’ now. I understand the basics of cloud structure, how they build, what they are made of and all that good stuff. But I must say, clouds, by their very appearance, make me wanna jump in them. For some goofy reason, I am convinced I could float amongst them.
Here is my little photo essay of the clouds I saw on the way home from Denver. Going over the Rockies.

4 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain High”

  1. Very cool. I love the way you positioned them in the photo. Did the same thing for a presentation last year in Taos. Did you have to wipe of the smudges from the last person siting in your seat left behind?

  2. I love the clouds from the window seat too! In fact I’ve been known to aim my carmera while driving (through the windshield) to take some pics of unique cloud formations on the horizen or the ‘glory rays’ piercing some clouds in front of me as I drive.

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