Buffalo Garden Walk Rocks

Gardening 365 – Day 188, and we are outta Stites! (Old Idaho saying, Stites, population, 135, near Kamiah and Kooskia).

Yes, friends and neighbors, we lollygagged and strolled the streets of Buffalo, especially the historic Allentown area and Pearl Street. The resident gardeners are so incredibly hospitable, a dozen or so having opened their gardens to these strangers from 23 states and O’Canada.

It is amazing what these folks can do with a postage stamp size space to garden. Don’t EVER tell me you don’t have room for a garden. It ain’t so and the peeps of Buff can prove it. What a city!

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2 thoughts on “Buffalo Garden Walk Rocks”

  1. We were in Buffalo about this time last summer. We saw a gardens, lovely architecture, the Albright Knox Museum had fascinating exhibits featuring Salvador Dali and James Joyce. You are so right on, everyone gardens, we were so impressed. Missed Niagara Falls, alas, the crowds were too too deep. We went to Letchworth Falls where I could reach out and touch multitudes of rainbows with my fingertips. Magic.

  2. Yes the gardens in Buffalo and the surrounding near suburbs are beautiful. Buffalo is blooming. Having “lost out” on the steel and glass-towered building boom of the 1980’s and 1990’s Buffalo is roaring back in a post-modern style and gaining international attention with it’s vintage and unspoiled architecture and glamorous garens. This town is incredible from the people to the architecture, to the culture. It’s really an amazing place…a real city still in touch with refreshing basic values and the best gardners! Everyone seems to be into gardening in this city. Do not miss this!

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