Sunny and 87! Woot! Gardening in Boise!

Gardening 365, Day 164.

Ladies and Gents of the club, the 1000 Mile Garden Club ( Dee and Carol in particular) ,

Its turning around. Probably turning the outside temps UP to 100 but hey, its not raining!The rain wasn’t bothering me as much as the cool cool temps, which were creating a “failure to thrive” situation in our garden. Upper 70’s all week, save Wednesday when we get a cold front through here.

Garden inhabitants,here are your assignments should you choose to accept them:

Berries: ripen up!
Pole Beans: grow up.
Tomatoes: stand up and fruit up.
Apricot tree: Liven up (dammit!)
Artichokes, wake up and straighten up.

That fancy pot of basil is already trying to set flowers. Off with their heads! Everyone else got a good talking to today. Encouragement, and support are in place (tomato cages and stakes).

And, while this has nothing to do with the fruit and veggies, we are, finally, 6 weeks later than usual, filling and opening the fabulous Lily Pond.

Let summer begin at Ranch du Bois.

The Dirt Diva

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2 Responses to Sunny and 87! Woot! Gardening in Boise!

  1. Carol says:

    You mean business! I’m sitting up a little straighter after your lecture, and waiting for my orders, too. Yes ma’am! I wouldn’t want to be a slack-off plant in your garden!

  2. SEC says:

    Hey MA,

    You had better sleep in on Wednesday and don’t look outside. Take my advice…

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