Gardening letter to my friends

Gardening 365 – Day 160

TARDY as charged. Yes, Dee and Carol, I’m late to the plate!

I have been swamped. And I have zippidee-doo-dah to report. Nada, nuttin’ honey but a few measly green onions, some garlic and a few greens. The big pot of fancy basil doesn’t count cuz I bought it as a one gallon container. A very pricey annual.

I ate two small alpine strawberries, and see there are more on the waayyyyyyyyyyy. Loads LOADS of raspberries just waiting to ripen should the weather ever warm up and the rains subside. I planted the rest of my tomatoes and artichokes. While I was doing that, I inspected the tomatoes I put in a while back. They seem to be at a standstill or should I say, “suffering from a failure to thrive.” Pathetic is a concise word.

My garden issues are small potatoes (not that I planted any) compared to the rest of the folks in this valley. The farmers have lost a lot of the corn crop to the rain. The alfalfa for hay (to feed farm animals) has lodged and mildewed. Sugar beets are rotting in the field, the onion crop is stunted, and I could go on and on.

The bad guys are getting badder of course. Cheat grass and other members of the poaceae family that cover our hills are taking off like, dare I say it – wildfire. Which has everyone wringing their hands, including me. The grasses are as tall as I’ve seen them in decades. The minute it dries out, they will brown up and become fuel for wildfires. A very dangerous situation.

I broke down and bought a couple of Asian slicing cukes as seedlings. A couple of black zucchinis, too. Hey, hope springs eternal. At least I keep telling myself that.

I’ll check in on MONDAY. I promise. Can’t imagine what I would have to report, but stay tuned.

Such is life in the far far west,
Hanging on at Ranch du Bois,

3 thoughts on “Gardening letter to my friends”

  1. Hi! I enjoy reading your blog and knowing what some of the other garden happenings are in the Treasure Valley. I have to say that I am surprised about how much the rain and temperate weather is being despised. I used to garden in Portland, OR and everything was so easy…here in Idaho it is so difficult cause the air is so dry no matter how much water you give something it never looks healthy in the way it does in the Northwest such as the Portland area. I have absolutely loved the rain and dare I say “humidity” cause so many of my things (vegetables and ornamentals) look so healthy and have really taken off the last 2 weeks. I have absolutely beautiful brocolli, lettuce, leeks and radishes (harvesting all of them) with lots of strawberries waiting to ripen! Before checking in on your blog I was assumming all the “true gardeners” were thrilled with the rain! Guess not all the gardeners have had the experience I’ve had this spring. Anyway, best of luck to you for the rest of the season and I look forward to reading your updates.l

  2. You WILL have something to report on Monday because it will be sunny until then, and more. At least we can go INTO the garden and look at it now. Today I want to put out my squashes and cukes. I want them soak up something they’ve never seen, something rich and warm and satisfying…sunshine.

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