Gardening 365 – Day 115, Garden Benches I Wish I Owned

Nan Ondra and pals from Gardening Gone Wild have a new project at hand, as part of the Garden Bloggers’ Design Workshop: Garden Benches. I’ve been collecting pictures of garden benches/seating for years. I’ve yet to find or create the perfect one for my garden but below are samples of those I covet. Just a reminder: 88 shopping days until my birthday. A bench would be a wonderful gift.

5 thoughts on “Gardening 365 – Day 115, Garden Benches I Wish I Owned”

  1. What a great collection of photos, Mary Ann. I sure wouldn’t mind having any of those benches myself. I hope the birthday fairy finds a nice one for you!

  2. I want the bench on the second and last photos. I think any of those will be beautiful for my garden. If I will have those, I’ll surely keep them inside my garden storage shed to protect them when harsh weather comes. I’d like to see a bench made of stone. Is there anyone who has seen one? By the way, I like the look of this blog.

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