Gardening 365 – Day 112 Things that are missing and tomatoes for sale

My pals, Debbie Cook, Jeffy, and I just did an informal and frightening inventory of the plants that are missing in our gardens. Can you call it an inventory if the plants are missing?

So far: my 10-11 year old Royal Sunset climbing rose. Dead. A goner. Deb and MA: all the Joe Pye Weed. Dang. Well, it needed too much water anyway. Deb: Clematis montana and possibly the sweet autumn clematis. Now that’s a total bummer. Jeffy: Say buh bye to the bluebeard spirea/caryopteris. I am not EVEN going to tell you how stupid I feel for killing a mint plant. No, really, I’m not.

On a sunny note, out pal and tomato Queen of Boise, one Betty Munis, has 166 tomato varieties for sale starting this Saturday. Can you imagine? $3 a plant. Healthy and beautiful. 615 Warm Springs Avenue. Plants on the front walk. It’s the honor system. You should hear Betty wax poetic about her tomatoes-my takeaway from the last time she hosted us for a tomato class: they are all about the root system! 10-4. See you on Saturday.

2 thoughts on “Gardening 365 – Day 112 Things that are missing and tomatoes for sale”

  1. I did a similar thing today…taking inventory of all the dead things in my garden. Earth day is the anniversary of losing my twin sons to stillbirth, so there is this weird juxtaposition between all things living and dead for me on this day. I admit I was sad to see that over the winter, it seems my sheepdogs have done a fair amount of trampling, but something that did survive are the little potted bonsai trees I bought at bonsai outlet in honor of my babies….they are showing little buds to show that even though nothing is forever, they are choosing to live on. I take it as testimony that bonsai outlet sells quality bonsai, and that my angels are saying hello on this beautiful, and very sad, day.

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