Gardening 365 – Day 106

Grocery Gardening makes its debut at the Boise Co-op. Food prepared by Liz. Teresa (in the lime green top) is one of the four authors of Grocery Gardening – the four met on Twitter. Collaboration and crowd-sourcing ensued, and Grocery Gardening combines how and when to plant your vegetables and fruits, how to shop for them if you don’t have a garden, and most importantly, how to create delicious, affordable dishes your family will gobble up. You should have heard the ohhhhhhhs and ahhhhhhhhs, as folks sampled the carrot, golden beet, and cabbage slaw. Tangy and fab. The books were flying off the shelf.

Teresa blogs at Check her out.

Liz (left) and Teresa

3 thoughts on “Gardening 365 – Day 106”

  1. Hi Theresa,

    I will be moving from No. California to the Boise area in the Fall. As a gardening fanatic, I am worried about living in a colder climate. I have a friend who lives in Caldwell, and when comparing Spring blooming season, you guys are waaaay behind us here! I am guessing perenials are the best type of plants for snow country? I am also thinking that the best way to meet people is to join a garden club. Can you suggest any clubs?I am not so interested in growing vegetables at this time…maybe later. Thanks so much…Nancy E.

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