Why I Garden – A contest

Ladies and Gentlemen, gardeners everywhere, listen up and sharpen your pencils, go clickety click on your keyboard. Put on your thinking caps.

I want to know why you garden.

Yes, I do. I have my reasons. First, I am truly curious. What makes you brave the wind, sleet, high temperatures, low temperatures, frost and frost bite to put little tiny seeds or great big trees in the ground. Why oh why? And you do it again and again. Eternal optimists, yes. But I know there is more to your story. Tell me what it is.

There will be prizes. A grand prize, yet to be determined. Cash. Gifts. Publicity. Fame. Not so much fortune. Fun.

The details:

1. Try to keep it to a short essay, say, under 500 words. One entry per person please.
2. The deadline is the Winter Solstice, 8:47 am, Monday, December 21st, Mountain Time.
3. Send an email to whyigarden@gmail.com with the essay entry in its entirety.
4. If you have a blog, feel free to post your essay on it, then leave a comment here with a link so that others can read it, too.

Come on, tell me WHY!

16 thoughts on “Why I Garden – A contest”

  1. You’ll get as many different answers as entries, I bet, though there are sure to be some themes that emerge. I’ve probably already put my reasons down at some point, but I’ll re-evaluate them & reformulate again. I hope I can get it down to 500 words.

  2. I’ve been asked this question many times, especially by my children who think I’m a bit obsessed:) I had planned a post related to this anyway; I’ll let you know when I’ve posted it.

  3. “Oh my, this will take some thinking. It’s like asking why I’m right handed.”

    *LOLOL* :~D It’s like asking “Why do you breathe?”
    I shall work on mine. It may come easy, if the Muse is out and about and playing with the Garden Faes. Or it may come haltingly, if that self-same Muse is snoozing. Regardless, Tough or easy, it shall be fun! It shall be done! /rubs her paws together! :~D


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