Heirloom Garden, up close and personal

As promised, here is a better look at the incredible Tinsley House, on the campus of Montana State U in Bozeman. The home was moved to this site about a decade ago and the gardens were planted with the appropriate heirloom varieties. Its all part of the Museum of the Rockies.

To see the slides in a bigger format, just click on the show. Also, you can see the captions by hovering your mouse over the slide.

6 thoughts on “Heirloom Garden, up close and personal”

  1. CORRECTION: I do not know for a fact that the little sod roofed building is the original home. It might very well be the barn. My apologies.

  2. Mary Ann,
    My great great great Aunt was Lucy Ann Tinsley who donated the house to the University. I have not been able to visit the Montana to see it in person. I love your photos and am wondering if you would be willing to email them to me. It is such a thrill to see it in your photos.


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