Shout out to Idaho Garden Bloggers

Hey all! I want to send you over to see what ELSE is going on the wild world of Idaho gardening. Here are some kindred spirits. Stop by and say hey!:

Seasonal Wisdom
Small Goat Garden

and if you know of other folks, out there, writing and planting, let me know and we will add them to the list. I am trying to pull a comprehensive list together for all of us….

6 thoughts on “Shout out to Idaho Garden Bloggers”

  1. Mary Ann, Planning on photographing the “garden” on Sunday, If you don’t see me again look on the back of a milk carton. Rick

  2. Made the garden, took over a hundred angles, amounting in 697 exposures, (shots) great job Rod is doing up there, Thank you for getting us permission, we will return soon. Plantsman

  3. Finished the idaho botanical shoot, what a great time. several pages of pixs here. Thanks for the connection-Plantsman. shooting a candy store on Sunday. something new to dew.

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