GBBD March 15, 2009

Let me start off with a great big whine. Want some cheese with that whine? Whaaaaaaa. Here’s what’s up in my garden: some crocus, a fistful of hellebores, and and iris reticulata. Pretty slim and pathetic pickins. I haven’t even FOUND and violas or pansies but folks are calling to tell me, oh, yes, they have been buying them by the armload at Freddies. So, you know, gentle reader, where to find me tomorrow.

Here’s the my sad story of show and tell:

They tell me the first day of spring is Friday. Harumpf.

Thanks of course, go to Carol, of May Dreams Gardens for putting together the Bloom Day project.

7 thoughts on “GBBD March 15, 2009”

  1. Oh, you’ve got nothing to whine about. I won’t be able to even think about buying pansies for another month. And, yes, your hellebores are far, far ahead of mine. Celebrate!

  2. Just wait, when the southern gardens (ie MINE!) are toast.. yours will be verdant, lush and beautifully flowering. And you’ll be able to go out to enjoy it. While us southern gardeners are hiding inside with the airconditioning.

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