Still shopping after all these years

I do believe you might start to see a pattern here: one more packet of seeds has just made the “must have” list:Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy. I’ve seen this in 3 or 4 catalogs, but will wait and pick up a packet or two at the Seattle garden show next week. I couldn’t possibly come home without buying a little somethin. And seeds don’t weigh or cost much.


Is this a luscious color or what? And it sidles up nicely with all those other great plants/seeds I have on order.

Tip: cut the photos of the plants you want from the seed catalogs (with the description attached). After carefully reviewing the exposure, height and water requirements, create combinations on the kitchen counter or dining room table by shuffling the photos into pleasing arrangements. You can then use a glue stick to affix these to a sheet of printer paper, saving the plan for planting time.

2 thoughts on “Still shopping after all these years”

  1. Love the idea of creating a plan out of the catalog pictures! I always end up with waaaay too many seeds, no real plan about how to best combine them, and realistically, no space to plant them (although, believe me, if there’s any way to fit in just one more plant, I’ll do it!).

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