GBBD January 15, 2009

Once a month our sassy, indefatigable head hoe, Carol of May Dreams Gardens, leads us around the garden on a voyage of discovery. “Show me your blossoms!” she demands. As compliant, willing, giddy gardeners, we do our best to comply. NEVERMINDthat some of us are closer to the 45 parallel than the 35th. NEVERMINDthat at this moment in time, it looks like a nuclear winter in Boise, ID, hoar frost/fog/smog pushing your very essence down. No, gentle reader, let me show you what I have blooming right now:

This plant wants to bloom. Soon.

This plant wants to bloom. It really does. To make me happy.

These amaryllis are GOING to bloom. I promise.

These amaryllis are going to bloom. Dammit.

you can't tell, but this is a candied hibiscus blossom and it IS blooming in my cocktail.

When all else fails, toss a candied hibiscus blossom in your champagne. Go ahead.

Technically not alive, but blossoms DO OCCUR throughout Ranch du Bois.

Technically not alive, but a blossom all the same.

See, there are blossoms EVERYWHERE!

There are blossoms everywhere. Honest.

If we aren't growing blossoms, we are reading about them. So there!

OK, when we aren’t growing them, we are reading about them. Blossoms. Blooms.

And some of us find blossoms wherever we can.

And then you have this.

11 thoughts on “GBBD January 15, 2009”

  1. I’ve felt like threatening things in bud to intimidate them into blooming. I’ve never performed a controlled test to determine whether it actually works. When I saw the last photo, I didn’t even notice the quilt at first, I was too busy thinking how cute your dog is.

  2. Cheater! OMG, this is toooooo funny! I love it!
    Since we just got off of our phone call, I wanted to mosey over to check you out. And voila – you continued to make me laugh. You have a way, Mary Ann – a way that brings out the happiness in me.
    xoxo have a fantastic trip to the Inauguration. Love, deb

  3. Join us on Januray 24th & February 21st for “Winter Escape to Edwards”
    Edwards is offering classes free of charge to the public. Saturday, Jan. 24th the classes will be “Do Bees Have Knees?”,”You grew it, now how do you stew it?”,”Where did I plant that?”, & “To seed or not to seed?”.
    The first class is at 9:30 AM. For further information contact Edwards Greenhouse at 342-7548. Shake off the cold dreary weather with a walk through the Greenhouse at 4106 Sand Creek St. Boise, Id. 83703

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