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6 Responses

  1. Greetings from Boise,

    Thanks for the nice mention of my site. Here are some other Idaho blogs you might enjoy:

    Gardening in Boise, Idaho

    Living and Gardening in Idaho

    Round the Corner

    All the best! Teresa

  2. Victoria says:

    Still here in Southeast Boise!

  3. Nat Huck says:

    Hellooooo there! 😉

  4. Rick Cate says:

    Mary Ann, Planning on photographing the “garden” on Sunday, If you don’t see me again look on the back of a milk carton. Rick

  5. Rick Cate says:

    Made the garden, took over a hundred angles, amounting in 697 exposures, (shots) great job Rod is doing up there, Thank you for getting us permission, we will return soon. Plantsman

  6. Rick Cate says:

    Finished the idaho botanical shoot, what a great time. several pages of pixs here. Thanks for the connection-Plantsman. shooting a candy store on Sunday. something new to dew.