From one of my favorite books, ever: HARVEST

Stefani Bittner and Alethea Harampolis are rock stars to me. Whether they are growing, styling, eating, or creating gardens, I love everything they do. I borrowed this photo from their Instagram feed, and it doesn’t do it justice in the sidebar. I want you to see it in a larger format, and be inspired to add your borage blossoms to your sparkling water, ginger ale, or yes, champagne.

Borage blossoms and bubbly (from Harvest, published by Ten Speed Press).

The Chelsea Chop (or pruning your perennials for productivity)

By the Fourth of July, you can and should prune your perennials to keep them looking good and performing as long as possible. In England, this is called the Chelsea Chop, and it coincides with the Chelsea Garden Show in May. Our season starts much later than England’s, so we do the chop by the 4th of July. Since the biggest flush of blooms occurs in May and June, July works well as a mid season clean up time.

I don’t think sedums such as Matrona or Autumn Joy respond well to this kind of pruning, so I leave them alone. But I do clean up roses, daylilies, alliums, daisies, lavender (if it is finished blooming), dahlias (disbud for larger blooms), lilacs, forsythia, echinaceas, heleniumsm,  Joe Pye weed and phlox.

If the idea of whacking back your perennial/herbaceous borders makes you shake, read up on it in The Well Tended Perennial Garden, by plant wizard, Tracy DiSabato-Aust. The book is so good, I have recommended it for YEARS. It’s been updated again, so get the Third Edition.


It’s dah Berries!

As my grandmother used to say, “Make yourself useful as well as ornamental, dear.”

That saying totally applies to the berry plants I mentioned on the River this morning, Check out Raspberry Shortcake and the darling Babycakes…….both from Bushel & Berry Company. I simply remove the plant from the plastic pot, and slip it into a slightly larger container, full sun, and we eat berries from June until October.

I found the Raspberry Shortcakes at Costco a couple years ago, and snagged the Baby Cakes Blackberry at Far West Garden Center last month. Get em while you can!